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We get it, cats just look so adorable and cuddly. It’s normal to want to hug and cuddle them. You may be wondering if your cat likes cuddling.

Maybe you usually cuddle your cat, but today they just didn’t want to be touched. Maybe you’re getting a new cat and want to know if you are OK to cuddle them. 

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. Cats are like humans in the sense that each of them has their own unique personalities.

Just as some humans love hugs, and some hate them, cats are the same. It really depends on a lot of different factors, too. Some breeds seem to be more susceptible to hugs and other forms of affection. 

It also has a lot to do with the upbringing of a cat. A cat that was born and bred in the wild is likely to exhibit signs of being feral, and you may struggle to even get close enough to one to feed it, let alone hug it.

That being said, some feral cats love a hug, and there have been some lovely stories about feral cats being adopted by kind people in their neighborhoods. 

This article aims to tell you in a little more detail whether or not cats like hugs, explaining how different breeds may react, and how the upbringing of a cat can affect it, as well as any other factors. 

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Factors that may affect whether a cat likes hugs 

As we mentioned above, whether a cat likes hugs is dependent on a number of things.

We are going to discuss each of these things separately in their own sections with subheadings to make for easier reading, and so you can pick out the information that you need easily. 


Some breeds are far more susceptible to liking hugs than other breeds. For example, Burmese, Ragdoll, and La Perma cat breeds are all notorious for being known for their enjoyment of cuddles.

They are known as ‘people cats’ and enjoy signs of affection from their humans, and love being snuggled up on laps, and in beds with them. That being said, even with these more cuddly breeds, we should allow the ball to be in their court, so to say.

Let them come to us, rather than just sneaking up on them with a surprise hug. A hug when they don’t expect it could actually cause them more stress and harm.

Other breeds may not be as susceptible to hugs, for example, the breed known as the Singapura which is thought to have originated on the streets of Singapore are very wary of humans, perhaps due to being treated poorly on Singapore’s busy streets.

Another breed that may not like hugs is the Bengal cat. Bengal cats are very friendly and active cats, but because of how active they are, they are not generally known for being affectionate in turns of hugs and snuggling. 

Feral or house cats 

Chances are, if you have ever encountered a feral cat, you know that they are not the most social little things.

Sure, there are the exceptions like we mentioned in our introduction, as some feral cats love humans (or rather, they love the food that often comes from humans), but generally, trying to hug a feral cat is a recipe for disaster.

Feral cats are far used to being actively hunted in the wild. They can be prey for bigger wild animals, and to many feral cats, we are just like their prey because we are bigger than them. Us humans swooping down to cuddle them will feel as though a wild animal has just swooped in on them.

They will likely get very scared and run away or may even fight back, resulting in you being scratched or bitten, and the cat being very stressed and scared. On the other hand, a house cat may be far more used to affection, especially if they have been a housecat since birth.

They will likely be more associated with humans, and will not have the same instincts as a feral cat to run whenever a bigger animal comes near them. 


As we mentioned in our introduction, cats are like little humans. They all have their own unique personalities. You could have a Burmese cat, a breed that is known for their affection, even having the title of ‘people cat’, but they may be the most grumpy cat you have ever met.

They may detest cuddles or any form of affection from their human, and that is totally fine likewise, you may have adopted a once feral cat.

They may have once been impossible to snuggle with, maybe you couldn’t even get close enough to feed them treats or put on their collars.

However, over time you may have found that they have grown more used to you. And slowly but surely they make their way onto the sofa next to you, and then even into your lap for a real hug. Both of these situations are normal because as we said, all cats are totally unique.

Some may never want to be affectionate with you, others may be affectionate all the time but have their own signs that they give when they want to be left alone, others take a long time to get comfortable around their humans. 


We are sure you can see now that whether a cat likes hugs or not really depends on a number of factors. You will see that some breeds are far more susceptible to enjoying hugs than others.

As well as this, the way a cat has been brought up, whether in a home with humans or in the wild as a feral cat has a lot to do with whether they like hugs or not.

The most important factor though is the cat’s own personality. Sometimes feral cats can be the most affectionate pet you have ever had.

Other times you could get a cat, such as a Ragdoll who is usually known for being affectionate and they may hate being hugged.

It really depends on each individual cat. Whatever the case with your cat, whether it likes hugs or not, we are sure that caring for your feline friend will bring you so much joy.

And even if you cannot show them affection through hugs, there are so many other ways you can show them you love them, such as treats, lots of toys, and playing with them. 

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