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Do cats like blanketsIf you’ve got a cat, or are about to get one, you may well be wondering about where cats sleep, how they get comfortable, and whether there is anything you can buy for them to help with these things.

Your solution may well be to buy a blanket, but, you may also be wondering if a blanket will be suitable.

After all, what is comfortable for us humans may not be comfortable for cats.

However, we are here to tell you that in this case, cats are not that much different from humans!

So They Do Like Blankets? 

YES! Cats absolutely adore blankets, as a general rule.

They love to get snuggled under a warm cozy blanket and sleep for hours. You can even buy specially made cat blankets that have been made with the comfort of your moggy in mind.

You may notice that your furry friend has a particular penchant for your blankets. They may want to snuggle under the duvet just after you’ve left the bed, or even while you are still under there.

They may try to curl up on top of the fluffy blanket you use when you are sitting on the sofa.

They especially may like to curl up on clean blankets that are fresh out of the drier. All of these situations point us to one thing – cats love to be warm and comfortable!

We can explore this a little more in the next section so keep on reading to find out why they like being warm and comfortable so much. 

Why Do Cats Like Blankets So Much? 

Lots of people have wondered the exact same thing, and the conclusion that most people come to is that cats are instinctively attracted to anything that gives them security.

As cat owners, we may think of our furry friends as predators. They are hunters by design.

Anyone who has been brought a half alive mouse or bird as a form of a gift from the cat will agree with this. But don’t forget, in the wild, our little cats are both predators and prey.

They too are hunted by bigger animals. In the wild, cats seek shelter from these predators by burrowing into a concealed and secure sleeping spot.

These could include under bushes and bracken, the hollows of trees, or if they are feral on the streets, in bins, and under parked cars. At home, cats do not have to worry about being captured as prey.

That being said, cats are still bred with the same instincts, whether they are housepets or feral. This means they still look for these safe and secure places when they want to nap (and we all know how much these furry felines love a nap!).

Your blankets give them the most perfect safe spot to take a nap in, as they can burrow right under it. It provides security, it is concealed, it is comfortable, and it is warm. All of the things a cat loves the most! 

Should I Buy My Cat a Blanket? 

If you are about to adopt a cat of your very own, we definitely recommend getting a cat blanket for your new feline friend! There are so many options available for them on the online market and in pet stores.

One of our favorites is the Small Throw by furrybaby which is the perfect size for cats and small dogs. Make sure the blankets you give your cats are breathable for them and make sure they are made from a comfortable cat-safe material. They like anything that is fluffy because of the extra warmth it gives them.

You can also let them use one of your blankets, as long as you are sure the material is good for them. Your cats will likely let you know if they like one of your blankets, anyway.

Cats are not known for their subtlety, and you can almost be sure that if your cat has its eyes on one of your blankets, it will do anything in its power to snuggle into it!

Take it from us, if a cat finds something comfortable, even if it is your own duvet in your own bed, they will claim it as theirs. You sleep on the cat bed now, they have your bed!  

Should I Cover My Cat With a Blanket? 

To begin with, we would say no initially. This is because we cannot assume that all cats like to be fully covered.

However, if it does seem as though your cat is trying to burrow undercovers, or trying to get under the duvet with you, you could gently give them a helping hand to put the blanket over them a little.

Ultimately though, cats are fiercely independent creatures, and they will truly do what they want, so if they do want to be covered with the banket, they will find a way of doing it themselves, or letting you know by bugging you until you put it over them! 

Final Word 

We hope that you now know just how much cats love blankets. To recap, cats tend to love snuggling into blankets because the warmth and comfort of them give them a sense of security.

Often, they can burrow under a blanket too, meaning they can conceal themselves easily.

This is a personality trait of many cats due to them instinctively seeking shelter from predators, even when they are safe at home. It is super important to remember, however, that not all cats are made the same.

Just like us humans, cats have their own distinct personalities.

Wonders of two or more kitties can vouch for us when we say that two cats can live in the same household from a kitten, and still be completely different, even if they are from the same litter.

With this in mind, you may well find that not every cat loves blankets as much as this.

We would always recommend leaving it up to your cat. Buy them a cat blanket and see how they react to it.

If they love it – great! If they aren’t keen, no worries, you can donate it to a cat shelter or give it to a friend’s cat instead! 

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