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For some people, cats are just as important as family members and need to be taken care of as such.

Whether it’s the luster of their coat, their digestive system or the health of their joints, you have to maintain a cat’s well-being through vitamins, medication or general diet.

Your cat’s teeth are no different. From the moment you get your cat, it’s important to maintain a decent level of oral hygiene to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. Leaving these bacterial infections unchecked can soon spread to the rest of your cat’s body and cause serious health concerns.

However, most cats don’t have a well-developed sense of dental hygiene and might resist your efforts to apply toothpaste.

Luckily, veterinarians have developed many products that are adapted especially for your cat’s teeth, with products that are scientifically-engineered to give your cat the best resistance to tooth decay, while also being tasty enough for them to want to use again and again.

We have all experienced the awkward feeling of petting a friend’s cat, having it open its mouth and breathing out a sour, rancid odor! You can avoid experiencing that embarrassment by investing in a toothpaste that your cat will love using.

But where can you find the best cat toothpaste on the market? What features and ingredients should a decent cat toothpaste have to give your cat the best protection over a longer duration of time? How much can you be looking to spend on a professional level of cat toothpaste?

Well, cat lovers need not worry about their favorite pet’s dental health, because we have compiled a list of some of the best cat toothpaste currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best tooth brushing solution for your kitty, as well as some frequently asked questions.

1. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste

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Our first cat toothpaste comes very highly rated by cat owners and is an Amazon recommended product with hundreds of five-star reviews.

The patented solution is designed to reduce plaque build-up and remove tartar, coming in a wide range of delicious flavors, giving your cat wonderfully fresh breath day-in-day-out – introducing Vibrac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste.

The Vibrac will keep your cat’s teeth very strong and resilient, which will help when eating dry, crunchy foods. It also has a unique CET Enzyme, which removes stubborn stains on the teeth, making it far more effective on your cat’s mouth than other brands currently available.

This toothpaste contains no foaming agents, which means that your cat will be able to swallow it without experiencing any digestive issues.

Plus, given the poultry and fish flavors, your cat will be looking forward to ingesting what it will see as a tasty treat.


  • The composition of enzymes with the texture of the toothpaste itself results in a product that does its best to remove as many unhealthy bacteria as possible.
  • The flavor palate of this toothpaste is specifically designed to aid ingestion, with no active foaming agents, they have combined all the health benefits of a toothpaste with the taste of a kitty snack.
  • This toothpaste promotes good gum as well as tooth health, ensuring that your cat will have fresh breath and your guests won’t run out of the room to escape the smell!
  • This will be ideal to give your cat twice a day after their main meals.


  • The vanilla mint flavor might not be particularly flavorsome for most cats.

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2. Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats

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This next cat toothpaste is one that has been designed for both adult cats and kittens, with a toothbrush and a finger brush that you can use to get those smaller mouths cleaner.

This toothpaste also helps to combat plaque and tartar, so you can make sure that your cat’s teeth are healthy from day one – introducing Petrodex Dental Kit For Cats.

This toothpaste doesn’t contain any foaming agents or fluoride, so it will be safe to digest for adult cats, as well as kittens, that generally have more sensitive digestive tracts. This means that you won’t have to rinse your cat’s mouth after use.

This toothpaste will freshen the breath of your cat and kittens, making them a lot easier to be around. The enzymes in this toothpaste will fight harmful bacteria which often travel down your cat’s throat and into its stomach.


  • This toothpaste is probably the best to use if you have a litter of kittens, the smaller finger brush can clean their teeth without the risk of injury. It also comes with the larger toothbrush that you can switch to as your cat gets older.
  • It comes in a very tasty malt flavor, which might not sound appetizing to its human owners, but the cats will simply love it!
  • The enzyme inside the toothpaste produces hydrogen peroxide that will quickly and effectively purge your cat’s teeth of plaque and other gum diseases.
  • One of the after-effects of this toothpaste is that it will really freshen up your cat’s breath, making them the perfect companion to stroke and have around – from tooth to tail!


  • The lack of flavors might not be that appealing to fussy cats who might want a different flavor profile.

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3. Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

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Next up we have another toothpaste from Virbac, containing a duel enzyme that will help clean and promote the general health of both your cats and dogs.

This is a perfect one-stop-shop for general pet dental health, saving you money on having to buy multiple kinds of toothpaste for each animal – introducing Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats.

Without any additives like fluoride or foaming agent, you won’t have to worry about your cat swallowing this or rinsing their mouth out afterward. This toothpaste comes in a variety of different flavors too, so you can select one that complements your cat’s favorite main meal.

With its antibacterial composition, this toothpaste works fast to fight plaque and tartar build-up, resulting in a mouth free of gum disease that might negatively affect the general health of your feline friend further down the line.


  • The flavor palate will certainly appeal to cat owners who have cats and kittens that aren’t the best eaters. One of the most common inhibitors for a cat having its teeth brushed is that it simply doesn’t like the flavor of the toothpaste.
  • The dual enzyme constitution of this toothpaste makes short work of all kinds of stubborn mouth bacteria, from plaque to tartar.
  • The main flavor of this toothpaste is poultry, a food that constitutes a core part of your kitty’s natural diet.
  • Not only does this toothpaste give your cat fresh breath throughout the day, but it also prevents harmful bacteria from forming in the first place. After only a week of use, you’ll notice the dramatic change in your kitty’s dental health.


  • The seafood flavor might appeal to your cat but it might not be so appetizing for your canine pets.

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4. CET Virbac Plaque Tartar Control Enzymatic Dog and Cat Toothpaste

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Our next toothpaste is another one from Virbec, which probably goes some way to demonstrate the premium quality of this company’s products – backed up by hundreds of glowing reviews and multiple placings on top ten pet dental health lists.

It controls the formation of tartar that can build up after months and months of eating cooked meat products – introducing CET Virbac Plaque Tartar Control Enzymatic Dog and Cat Toothpaste.

As you might already have guessed from the title, the enzymes in the toothpaste make quick work of dispatching plaque, preventing its formation long after it has been applied.

The most important part of any toothpaste is that it protects throughout the day. This toothpaste will resist a lot of the unhealthy bacteria that your cat acquires from eating all sorts of items.

This toothpaste brightens up your cat’s mouth, which makes them a lot easier to pet and snuggle within close proximity of your nose! Reviewers of this toothpaste have boasted that this toothpaste improves their pet’s dental health within days.


  • The lack of foaming agents and fluoride means that your cat will be able to swallow as much of this toothpaste as possible without experience any ill-health.
  • The enzyme qualities of the toothpaste prevent plaque from forming, the hydrogen peroxide elements removing the tartar that can damage the gums and teeth if left untreated for too long.
  • This toothpaste has been reported to significantly freshen the breath of your pet, especially useful if your cat has a habit of eating things that it shouldn’t.
  • This toothpaste comes in a range of flavors – beef, poultry, malt and seafood. Plenty to choose from for all different types of pets.


  • The vanilla mint might not be too appealing to your cat, who will probably prefer the meaty options.

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5. Zymox Dental Gel

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Our final toothpaste is one that is adapted for particularly sensitive gums, with a consistency that won’t be too abrasive for the delicate fleshy parts of your cat’s mouth.

It also comes with a host of beneficial enzymes that will severely reduce the abilities of plaque to build, along with removing tartar effectively – introducing Zymox Dental Gel.

Not only does this toothpaste reduce plaque and tartar, but it will also reduce gum inflammation, allowing the conscientious cat owner to apply the toothpaste with just their finger. Hard bristles could irritate your cat’s sensitive gums, so some owners might want to avoid brushing.

This will also be good for cat’s who experience thick saliva and dry mouth, the moisture in the toothpaste cooling down any infected areas.

It doesn’t contain any foaming agents, so it also won’t damage your cat’s sensitive digestive system. This toothpaste is also another good one to use on kittens.


  • If you have a cat that is experiencing a painful mouth and is having trouble eating, then you can use their toothpaste in conjunction with its existing treatment to quickly remove any pain.
  • This toothpaste possesses all the enzymes that your cat will need to fight off plaque and tartar, especially useful for reducing the levels of harmful bacteria that could travel to the stomach and cause further illness.
  • Your cat will have fresh and clean breath after just a few days of using this toothpaste.
  • Containing no added harmful foaming agents, your cat can ingest this toothpaste safely, removing the need to rinse it out afterward.


  • Lacking in the classic flavors such as beef, poultry or seafood, your cat might not take to this toothpaste immediately.

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Buyer’s Guide

Preserving your cat’s dental health is very important for keeping its mouth healthy. Having strong teeth enables your cat to chew its food much easier, avoiding gum disease and tooth loss.

Brushing your cat’s teeth using water usually won’t rectify the issue of poor gum health, especially if they like to eat lots of treats.

To get the perfect cat toothpaste for your feline, it’ll need to meet a few criteria to make certain that your cat’s dental health is optimum over the long term.

Your Toothpaste Should Improve Your Cat’s Oral Health

A lot of these kinds of toothpaste will come with dual enzymes that, when applied, produces hydrogen peroxide that stops the spread of plaque, which can start to rot the enamel of your cat’s teeth.

Usually, you should avoid buying toothpaste that contains some of the ingredients of a human toothpaste, such as fluoride.

Aside from the enzymes that break down plaque and tartar, you’ll need some of the following ingredients:

  • Dicalcium phosphate – this calcium helps to reinforce teeth
  • Sodium phosphate – prevents the formation of plaque
  • Silica – this abrasive material helps clean the teeth as the cat chews it
  • Sorbitol – this is a sweetener to add flavor
  • Glycerin – this acts as a binding agent for the ingredients
  • Titanium Oxide – this whitens your cat’s teeth
  • Xanthum gum – used as a thickening formula

Look for some of these ingredients when next shopping for a cat toothpaste.

Is Your Cat Toothpaste Enzymatic?

Some cat toothpaste comes with a brush to aid the cleaning of tartar and plaque off its teeth.

However, the enzymes in some cat toothpaste are so strong that they can break down harmful materials on your cat’s teeth without any brushing at all.

The enzymes help the cat’s mouth do what it does naturally by breaking down any excess bacteria that causes plaque and tartar.

A toothbrush should only be used if your cat has a larger quantity of plaque adhered to its teeth. Plaque and tartar can be stubborn stains to shift on their own.

Cat Toothpaste Alternatives

Some cat toothpaste has natural ingredients, specially adapted for cats with sensitive gums and teeth.

These are not always engineered to get rid of plaque and tartar on their own, so you might want to use them in combination with a toothbrush.

Make sure that you have a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid injuring your cat’s sensitive gums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Cat Toothpaste?

Much like humans, after prolonged eating without brushing, harmful bacteria develops in the mouth, which can weaken and cause the teeth to break.

However, unlike humans, cats can’t have dentures or replacement teeth fitted, so preserving their oral hygiene might be even more important.

Cat toothpaste has specially adapted enzymes that will help remove the bacteria in the mouth but won’t adversely affect the cat’s digestive system.

Can You Use Human Toothpaste On Cats?

Human toothpaste is perfect for removing tartar and plaque, but it is 100% not safe for cats to use. One of the main reasons for this is the inclusion of fluoride.

Humans can ingest large amounts of fluoride without it negatively compromising their digestion and immune system – the same cannot be said for cats. If cats ingest too much fluoride, then it becomes toxic and it can kill them.

What Happens If Your Cat Swallows Their Toothpaste?

As we have seen on this list, a lot of the cat toothpaste is tailor-made to ingest, coming in different flavors to aid this process.

As the cat chews on the toothpaste, it will remove the plaque without the need for brushing.

If your cat is amenable to it, you can brush their teeth with water after using toothpaste as a little treat. It all depends on whether your cat enjoys the process of cleaning its teeth or not.

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