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Nothing beats wrapping up in your comfiest clothes and curling up with your feline friend – so why not combine the two?

Pet lovers are going crazy for cat pouch hoodies. These soft, fleecy sweaters are not just super comfy to lounge in, but they also let your furry friend lap up your body heat and allow you to spend more time bonding.

They’re also great for carrying your cat if you go for a walk together or need to run to the supermarket.

Why Do Cats Need to be Cuddled? 

As kittens, cats always sleep together in a heap for protection, and adult felines also crave this closeness later in their lives.

Cuddling also offers many health benefits to cats, both emotionally and physically. In a study by Gourkow et al (2014), 139 cats were split into two groups to see how each responded to interaction and no interaction.

The first group were gently stroked and interacted with four times a day for at least 10 minutes, whilst the second group was left completely deprived of attention, just like shelter cats often are.

The results highlighted that cats who were regularly stroked, including antisocial cats, were less likely to have mood swings, and also possessed a higher level of immunoglobulin A – an antibody that helps protect against illness and infection.

On the other hand, the second, and more neglected, group, were shown to shed their fur more often and were increasingly vulnerable to respiratory diseases.

This impact of interaction on a cat’s personality and health in part explains why so many shelter cats can be timid and antisocial when first adopted, which is why giving them regular attention is so important.

With this in mind, a cat pouch hoodie not only provides warmth and comfort to your cat but allows them to feel close to you, providing them with that vital sense of security and protection.

Whether your cat is a cuddle-loving attention-seeker or is a more timid feline who needs coaxing into cuddles, let’s take a look at some of the best cat pouch hoodies on the internet…

1. VincentDeep Unisex Cat Ear Big Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie

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This unisex cat pouch hoodie is soft and stretchy, providing ultimate comfort for both you and your cat.

It’s perfect for carrying your cat and keeping your hands free whilst reading, working, or watching TV. The cozy, fleece-lined pouch is perfect for keeping your cat warm and secure, whilst the pom-poms are a cute detail and double up as a toy for curious or playful kitties.

There’s a toggle adjustment on the pouch so you can loosen or tighten to fit your kitty, and there are also two spacious pockets for holding your cell, snacks, or cat treats.

The pockets also double as gloves, which are perfect for those chilly winter nights. It comes in multiple colors, too, including a cute blush pink and a deep purple or red.

We also loved this hoodie for its added fun factor: the cat ears on the hood and pawprints on the front add a touch of detail and make this pouch hoodie the perfect gift for any cat lover.


  • Spacious, fleecy pouch
  • Toggle adjustment
  • Side pockets with built-in gloves
  • Pom-pom detail and paw print design
  • Cute cat ears on the hood
  • Great value for money
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Sizes tend to run a tad small – so for a slouchy, more relaxed fit, go for a size above

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2. KangaKitty Hoodie Pet Holder Cat Dog Large Pouch

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This 100% cotton fleece hoodie from KangaKitty has a luxurious and plush feel, and the built-in front pouch has a removable and washable lining to keep you and your kitty feeling fresh and comfortable.

We love the versatility of this hoodie. If you’re not carrying your cat, you can simply close the pouch via the snap closure, whilst the adjustable drawstring allows you to achieve a more snug fit when your cat is inside.

The pouch itself is large and roomy to provide ample wriggle room for your feline or to double-up as a large pocket when your cat isn’t in it.

The hood features a pair of adorable cat ears, but these are also easily disguisable and tuck into the hood for when you’re feeling a little less playful. Other great features include the pom-pom strings to keep your cat occupied and the thumb-holes on each sleeve to keep your palms warm.


  • 100% cotton fleece with super cozy lining
  • Machine washable and removable pouch lining
  • Snap closure and toggle on the pouch
  • Thumbholes on the sleeves
  • Pom-pom strings
  • Cat ears on the hood can be disguised
  • The pouch is spacious and roomy


  • Only one color available

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3. Pet Pouch Hoodie – Cat Dog Holder Sweatshirt

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Looking for something a little different? This pet pouch hoodie comes in four bold colors and features an eye-catching gingham print, which is perfect for daily wear as well as just lounging around the house with your furry friend.

If you’re not overly keen on the crazy cat lady styles (yep, we’re talking about those cat ears) you’re in luck, as this sweater has a classic hood and no excessive design features, keeping things sweet and simple.

It’s made of a cotton and polyester flannel material and has a faux-fur pouch to keep your pet cozy and warm. The zip-out pouch lining can be machine-washed for ultimate convenience, which is particularly handy if your kitty tends to shed a lot.

This isn’t the softest of pouch hoodies, but it does have a deep pouch and playful pom-poms.


  • Unisex style
  • Range of colors
  • No cat ears on the hood (for those who prefer a simpler design!)
  • Deep, fur-lined pouch
  • Removable pouch liner


  • Flannel material feels a little light and scratchy, so it’s not the warmest
  • Runs small

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4. Roodie Pet Pouch Hoodie Small Pet Carrier

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OK, so this sweatshirt from Roodie is slightly more expensive than your average pet pouch hoodie, however, it is crafted from top quality materials, hence the higher price tag, and calls itself the “original and premium” pet pouch sweatshirt on the market.

This hoodie is crafted from eco-friendly, ring-spun cotton which provides not only comfort but excellent durability, too, as it is sewn by maximum-durability sewing thread on 5-thread automatic sewing machines.

The polyester lining is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning, and the pouch is large and expandable to provide plenty of room for your kitty.

Once expanded the pouch measures 14″W X 9″ H X 4″ D and will carry pets weighing 7kg or less. While the stitching is strong enough to carry heavier animals, too, this isn’t advisable as you may put too much strain on your back.

We love the nylon coil zippers of this hoodie which are durable and remain rust-free, while the pouch easily zips-up for a stylish hoodie for everyday wear.

It has separate zip pockets for your valuables, and an elastic stretch bottom and cuffs for premium fit and comfort. This hoodie is designed for women, so it’s slim-fitting and flattering and comes in a range of colors and sizes.


  • Premium quality, eco-cotton
  • Super durable stitching to hold pets of up to 7kg
  • Removable polyester lining is machine washable
  • Adjustable and expandable pouch
  • Additional zip pockets
  • Flattering fit
  • Rust-resistant zippers
  • Range of great colors to choose from
  • Great for everyday wear as well as for carrying your cat (no ears on hood or pom-poms)


  • Female fit only – not suitable for men unless they’re slim build
  • It’s a lot more expensive than others but is also constructed of premium materials

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5. SLYRAIME Unisex 3D Galaxy Printed Pullover with Pet Pocket 

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The best thing about this hoodie is the bright and bold 3D galaxy pattern print which sets it apart from your average kangaroo hoodie and makes it perfect for any cat and space lover.

It’s made of a polyester and spandex mix so has a good degree of stretch in it, perfect if your kitty is on the heavier side.

This hoodie features everything you could ever want in a kangaroo sweatshirt, including pom-pom ball drawstrings, a front pocket for your valuables, paw sleeves with thumbholes, and cute cat ears on the hood.

The pouch is lined with faux fur material, has a drawstring for adjusting the fit, and a button for sealing the pouch when you’re not using it. The pouch lining is detachable for easy cleaning and can accommodate both small cats and larger feline friends.


  • Unisex (males should select a larger size than usual)
  • Cool 3D space print
  • Slight stretch in the material
  • Pom-pom strings
  • Toggle and button on the pouch
  • Front pockets
  • Paw sleeves with thumb holes
  • Cat ears on the hood


  • Material isn’t as soft as others on the market
  • Sizes run a little small

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Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of similar-looking cat pouch hoodies on the market, so to help you find the right one for you, we’ve put together a handy guide…

Pouch size 

You’re going to need to consider the weight of your kitty before investing in a kangaroo pouch for them, after all, you want to ensure your feline friend has enough wriggle-room so that they’re comfortable and settled when they’re in the pouch. 

Check the measurements of the pouch and the weight and measurements of your pet beforehand, and don’t forget that if you’re using your hoodie to carry your cat (rather than just cuddle it), you don’t want to be carrying a pet larger than 7kg as this is going to put significant strain on your back.

Most cats weigh about 4-4.5kg (10lbs) but larger breeds can weigh up to 11kg (25 lbs), so consider this beforehand, as the larger your kitty, the more durable the pouch will need to be in order to accommodate their size. 


Do you want a super cozy hoodie with a plush fleece or fur lining, or do you want a more everyday style? 

While fleece or fur styles are great for lounging around the house in and can provide great cushioning and security for your feline, if you want to be able to go out of the house in your hoodie you may want a more “everyday” style, made from soft cotton which has ample stretch and a durable pouch for carrying your pet around in.

Spandex can be great for stretch and range of movement, but polyester or flannel can tend to feel a little scratchy or thin, so bear this in mind if you purchase a cheaper sweatshirt. 


If you’re going to be carrying the extra weight of your pet, you definitely want a sweatshirt that is durable enough to hold them, otherwise, the stitching is going to be strained from the off, and you could risk the fabric ripping. 

As we mentioned above, cotton is great for stretch and durability, but you should also look at the quality of stitching- as unlike a regular sweater, designs featuring a built-in pouch are going to have to withstand far more weight and strain.

You’ll also want to ensure the color is fade-resistant and that the fabric is machine washable, particularly the pouch, as you’re going to be washing that a lot! 


Always consult the manufacturer’s sizing guide, and not just Amazon’s.

These sweatshirts tend to run a size small, and if you’re purchasing the pouch sweatshirt for wearing around the house, comfort is going to be your main priority, so you may want to buy a size or two bigger than usual, to allow maximum space for both you and your feline friend. 

It’s also worth considering the style of the fit. By this we mean is it a male, female or unisex fit? Whilst most sweatshirts appear unisex on the outside, many cat pouch ones are tailored towards females and feature a more streamlined, slimmer fit. 

Other design features 

This is entirely dependent on when you plan on wearing your pouch sweatshirt, and the extent to which you intend to highlight your love of cats!

Most of these hoodies feature fun cat ears on the hood and some have pom-pom strings too. Pom-pom strings are great for your cat to play with, as what cat can resist hitting a pom-pom with its paw?

However, if you intend to wear your hoodie out and about and want a design that’s a little more discrete, you can find sweatshirts with disguisable ears or with no ears or pom-poms at all, or you could simply cut the pom-poms off if you like the rest of the hoodie, or tie them up around the neck. 

Other features to look out for are built-in gloves with thumbholes for keeping your hands warm. These can be handy in the winter and help keep your mitts toasty.

You should also consider graphics, and whether or not these are important to you, as well as handy features such as separate zipper pockets for your valuables, a toggle to adjust the pouch when your cat is inside it, and a button, zip or snap feature for closing the pouch up when it’s empty so you can wear it as an everyday sweatshirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like being carried? 

Despite the common perception that cats are aloof, independent creatures, some cats enjoy being carried so long as they are comfortable and at ease.

If you plan on using your cat pouch hoodie to go outdoors with your cat, bear in mind that some cats can become stressed out when taken to new places.

It really depends on your cat’s temperament and how strong your bond is. However, holding your cat in your pouch sweatshirt is a great way to test the waters and allow your cat to become more comfortable with being close to you.

It’s also a super cozy way for you to curl up on the sofa together, or to keep your cat with you and still have your hands free.

Why doesn’t my cat like to be held?

Cats usually like being high up, as they can get a good view of their territory, however, some cats are a little more aloof and enjoy climbing up high their own way.

Because cats feel they are superior beings (they are descended from the kings of the jungle, after all) – it may be that they feel disrespected when you pick them up.

Some cats also don’t like that feeling of being restricted, after all, they may be associating it with being put in a pet carrier or taken to the vets.

In this instance, they may not exactly take to the kitty pouch, or it will at least take them a little while to warm up to it.

The best thing is to keep showing your cat attention, but avoid scooping them up too often or forcing them into the pouch.

All felines are different, and it’s important to respect their personalities, this way you’re sure to get affection in return, even if it’s not always in the obvious sense…

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