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Owning a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life, but as is the case for most rewarding things, it can be incredibly challenging.

If it’s not them clawing your eyeballs at five in the morning cause they feel like hanging out, it’s your brand new sofa torn to shreds or blood and feathers all over your house.

Even if your little fluffy friend is exceedingly well behaved, no amount of feline sophistication is going to stop their natural processes.

There’s no way you’re getting out of dealing with their stinky, toxic, unholy poops. It’s just something that you have to grit your teeth, hold your breath and deal with.

But, in the spirit of making things a little more bearable, we’re going to be giving you the big scoop on five of the very best cat litter scoops available right now. We’ll look at a variety of designs to make sure you get the one that’s right for you.

Then we’ll clean things up with an in-depth buyer’s guide and brief FAQ section, sound good? The size and stench of your little fluffy life partner’s droppings may leave you horrorstruck, but after this, you’ll be armed and ready to deal with it.

Cat Waging War on Your Nose?

No worries, we have you covered with our top pick right here

1. iPrimio Cat Litter Scoop

iPrimio Cat Litter Scoop Metal with Deep Shovel - (Black) - Non Stick Plated Aluminum Cat Litter Scooper for Litter Box - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle Rubber Handle Metal Scoop - Rubber Handle (Black)
Scooping your worries away with ease at our number one spot is an amazing litter assistant that utilizes state of the art materials to make your life a little less gross. It comes with its own wall mount too!

The durable, lightweight cast aluminum construction is coated in PTFE or Teflon as you may know it. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard that before, it’s from kitchenware products. It’s the exact same material used to coat pans and give them that non-stick performance. Now ask yourself…What else sticks?

A few customers have said that the non-stick coating isn’t always totally effective, but it still makes the scoop easier to clean. iPrimio claim that if you lightly spray the scoop with cooking oil before use, you’ll have better results.

Other than the smell, the worst thing about scooping mess is the famous rolling action, helping it escape your first scoop, leaving you to stab again and again into a stinky abyss.

Well, this product has an extra deep shovel design that captures everything in one go. No more multiple trips to different rooms for fresh air. You’ll get it all done in record time.

It measures a total of 13.25 inches including the comfortable easy-grip, so you can maintain that critical distance. The 4mm sift width should also return plenty of unsoiled granules or pellets back into the tray so you don’t need to do a full clean as often.

One last thing we love about this design is the rounded edges that mimic the average curve of a tray. No gaps between tray and scooper allow for more efficient use.


  • Teflon non-stick coating prevents adherence and makes cleaning easier
  • Aluminum construction is lightweight and durable
  • Long soft-grip rubber handle for comfort and distance
  • Wide sift width filters away the clean litter
  • Comes with its own wall mount
  • Deep shovel shape gets the job done fast
  • Curved edges fit perfectly into most litter tray shapes


  • Not always non-stick
  • Quite expensive for a litter scoop

2. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

DuraScoop® Premium Multicat Cat Litter Scoop | Solid Metal | Litter Box Tray Pan Sifter Random Color
Taking care of your furry child’s number twos at our number two spot is a quality scoop designed to be the perfect weapon in your fight against odors.

It’s another aluminum design, but this time the metal runs throughout the handle for a practically indestructible scoop.

The natural soft-touch rubber grip with molded thumb and finger notches helps to ease you into the cleaning process and provides you with the same 13.25-inch distance as our top pick.

You don’t get any fancy coatings that you could cook an egg on with this scoop, but the shaping and angle of the all-metal handle provides you with perfectly balanced weight at the hilt. It’s basically the samurai sword of poop scoops.

It’s the same deep shovel, jumbo design as our top pick, but it has some really interesting sift patterns. Rather than simple vertical lines on their own, you get some extra wide diagonal, lateral sift vents. This will vacate excess litter from all angles effectively, leaving more space for the waste.

To top things off, the aluminum is rust and flex resistant meaning even the most corrosive, floor melting, soul destroying cat poop can’t damage this thing.


  • Full aluminum construction stops it bending or snapping
  • Soft rubber grip has molded thumb and finger notches for comfort
  • Balanced weight gives center of gravity to your hand
  • Deep shovel design takes care of things in one scoop
  • Wide lateral sift patterns to facilitate the evacuation of excess litter
  • Handles come in a number of colors


  • Wide sift may make non-clumping litter hard to clean
  • Quite expensive for a litter scoop

3. Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop and Caddy

Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Scoop & Caddy, Cat Litter Box Scoop with Holder, Black
Taking care of business in the number three portion is another non-stick design ready to provide some silky smooth sanitation to your smelly situations.

The non-stick technology isn’t as advanced as our number one iPrimio pick. It’s a plastic design with an incredibly slick, polished surface that helps to stop the sticking of feces but not so much some types of litter.

If you use particularly dusty litters, you’re still going to get a pretty noticeable residue on this scoop.

Our favorite thing about this scoop is the antimicrobial properties it brings to the table that actively fight against the build-up of bad odors.

Our only problem is that Nature’s Miracle don’t give you any clues as to how they apply the antimicrobial substance or what it actually is. We’d prefer to be in the know when it comes to chemicals and our cats, but thousands of people swear by this scoop, so it must be doing something right.

It’s always awkward trying to find a resting place for your litter scoop, which is why it’s brilliant that this one comes with its own caddy.

Simply scoop your mess, holster it, and you’re done. It also doubles as a wash bucket for the scoop, which is great because you don’t have to contaminate your other washtubs.

The build quality is pretty good for a plastic scoop, but it’s not anywhere near as strong as our other metal picks. It has been known to strain a little under the weight of lots of wet litter.

It’s best used straight away for individual passings, rather than dealing with a lot at the same time.


  • Comes with its own caddy which makes placement and washing easier
  • Slik non-stick surface keeps waste from clinging to the scoop
  • Deep shovel design for clearing as much in one go as possible
  • Strong for a plastic design
  • Antimicrobial properties that reduce odors
  • Great price


  • Not as strong as a metal scoop
  • Some litters will stick to the surface

4. YangBagga Metal Cat Litter Scoop

Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel&Long Handle,Detachable Stainless Steel Non-Stick Litter Sifter with Foam Padded Grip, No Bending Back Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scooper (Silver Shovel)
If you feel like you should be wearing a full hazmat suit every time you clean your cat’s litter, then this number four spot is for you.

Here you have the only stainless steel option on our list, but what makes this scoop special is the detachable extension. You simply screw the second pole section into the top of the standard unit and viola!

You’ve gone from around 16 inches to 32 inches of poop scooping power. This is perfect for the cat people out there with weak stomachs that wretch their way through every cleaning process, or for the senior cat folk who aren’t as limber as they were.

Taking a look at the grip, you get a nice comfortable foam at the top of the standard unit and then again to tip the extension as well. Foam is a strange choice.

It can be very grippy, and it’s certainly soft to the touch, but it’s not the most hygienic of materials. It’s probably going to be harder to clean and take longer to dry.

Beyond that, it’s a very good design. At 2 inches it’s the deepest scoop on our list, perfect for all those chunky cats out there that eat big and poop big.

The sift patterns are nice and wide and you get some horizontal central holes as well as the vertical and diagonal radial holes seen in our number two pick.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Detachable extension for those who need a bit of distance
  • Two comfortable foam grips
  • Deep 2 inch scoop
  • Great sift patterns
  • Should be relatively non-stick


  • Foam will be harder to keep clean and will take longer to dry
  • Steel is quite heavy
  • Hollow sections may be hard to clean
  • Quite expensive due to the extra materials

5. Doskocil PetMate Litter Scoop

Petmate Litter Scoop for Cats, Large Size, Bleached Linen Large Bleached Linen
Here we have a strictly no-nonsense, high-quality, super affordable litter scoop for those of you out there in the process of litter training your tiny kittens.

It’s small but has an extra wide mouth for collecting large amounts of soiled litter at a time, and the sift grid is nice and varied to ensure only larger objects are disposed of.

It’s advertised as a microban treated plastic design. We checked out microban and it’s basically a treatment that helps prevent the build of bacteria on the product.

It does work, but it can sometimes include harmful chemicals such as triclosan that can have a myriad of negative effects on humans, animals and the environment. It’s best to do a little research and find out exactly what antimicrobial treatment has been used.

The plastic will flex under weight but not enough to snap, and the large, rounded ergonomic handle keeps the whole experience nice and comfortable.

Due to its size, this is only really appropriate for use with kittens and small cats, but for less than a dollar, you’re still getting a pretty good scoop.


  • Very affordable
  • Good sift grid
  • Perfect for smaller applications such as litter training kittens
  • Antimicrobial treatment keeps the scoop sanitary for longer
  • Large comfortable handle
  • Wide mouth


  • Not suitable for larger cats
  • Not specific about antimicrobial treatment
  • Customers thought it was smaller than advertised

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s run through some of the criteria we considered when composing our products, so you have all the information needed to compile your own shortlist.


A litter scoop is generally an item that people don’t want to spend too much money on and we totally get it.

Coming up with a budget will steer you in the right direction when considering the vast amount of options on the market.


The best litter scoop grips are made of natural rubber. They’re comfortable and they’re easily washed. It doesn’t soak in any water so they air dry quickly.

Foam is another option you’re likely to encounter, and though it is comfortable and lightweight, it may collect build-ups of bacteria. They’re also harder to clean and take longer to dry.

Scoop Material


Premium scoops are mostly made out of aluminum.

It’s lightweight and if treated or anodized is quite resilient and rust-resistant. There’s no reason a high quality aluminum scoop shouldn’t last you a lifetime.


You may also come across some stainless steel scoops.

Steel is really durable and easy to clean, but it’s quite heavy.


Plastic is the most commonly used material in the industry and it’s also the cheapest. If you want something as cost effective as possible, go straight to the plastic scoops.

They’re not the most sturdy objects, likely to flex under the weight of a hefty load. This means they’re liable to crack or even snap. We think the worst aspect of a flexing litter scoop is the dreaded flick.

The bounce in the plastic can sometimes project litter particles back into the tray, over your floor, or at you.

Another thing to consider when taking the plastic route is the environment. Make sure you get a recyclable product. A plastic scoop probably isn’t going to last you a lifetime.

Scoop Connection

It’s all well and good if a scoop is made of premium products, but unless they connect in a sturdy way, it’s all for nothing.

The further the scoop material travels into the handle, the sturdier it’s likely to be.


It’s nice to keep as far away from your cat’s excrement as possible for obvious reasons, which is why it’s important to check the length of a litter scoop before purchase. We recommend looking for something at least 9 inches or longer.

If you have back troubles or other mobility issues, it makes sense to look for extra long scoops or scoops with extendable connections such as our number four pick. These will allow you to deal with your little house lion’s large lion poops from a seated position.

Scoop Depth

The depth of the scoop is really important to consider as it defines how much material you can process in one go.

If you have a large full grown cat, we recommend a minimum depth of 1.75 inches. For a smaller cat or kitten, you might be safe with one of as shallow as 1 inch.


Another important factor to think about before buying your super scoop is the width and shape of the sift holes. If you use non-clumping litter, wide sift holes might cause a problem when cleaning up wet waste as the granules or pellets fall back into the tray.

You can also evaluate the placement and direction of the sift holes to ascertain how well they work. Vertical sift gaps are simple and effective. They filter out a large amounts of clean litter while creating a small stable mound for the waste to rest on.

Radial sift will help filter out clean litter, but it might also create excess movement in the load and cause the waste to roll back out into the tray. Centered, horizontal sift is also pretty effective for stabilizing a load.


A scoop with non-stick qualities is what dreams are made of, but you should be careful when you see this advertised.

A lot of the time no specific methods have actually been used to give the product non-stick capabilities.

You should also check up on any that definitely have been used as they may include the use of harmful chemicals.


The same goes with antimicrobial treatments.

It’s important to know exactly what you and your beloved furry family member are coming into contact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you scoop cat litter?

For optimal litter tray hygiene, you should scoop it daily.

What happens if you don’t scoop a litter tray?

Firstly, your abode will stink to high heaven.

Secondly, your cat will refuse to use the tray and start going elsewhere, normally just beyond the walls of the tray.

Thirdly, you’ll have to do full clean outs about twice a week as opposed to every two to three weeks.

Where do you put cat poop after scooping?

You should wrap it in an environmentally safe bag and bin it.

Once you’re ready to change the litter and clean the tray, you can compost the old litter.

Final Thoughts

A great cat litter scoop is such an essential and under-appreciated tool for cat owners.

It can take the edge off a really quite horrific job. It could also save you plenty of money on litter as you’ll be keeping the tray clean without changing the whole thing.

We know you love to treat your kitty as frequently as possible, but don’t forget about self-care; you deserve treats too.

A quality scoop is the purrrfect way to make your day to day cat-filled life even more enjoyable.

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