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Ever wished you could lovingly pet your cat whilst grooming them at the same time?

Well now you can! Prevent your furry feline from running at the sight of their nemesis, the brush, and control that tangled fur.

Those whose cats struggle with anxiety when it comes to you wielding the brush might struggle to keep them in one place for long, where a glove lulls them in to a sneaky, false sense of security.

But which should you use?

Having checked out all of the options available, we’ve picked out five of our favorite grooming gloves on the market, guaranteed to increase the bond between you and your feline, and keep their coat shiny and clean all year round.

If you’d like to know more about how the gloves themselves work, simply consult our clear and concise Buyer’s Guide, which breaks down the value of gloves over brushes and highlights the features you need to watch out for in a quality product.

Finally, feel free to have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section, which provides answers to the most regularly posed queries by customers also seeking to try a grooming glove, and might help you make up your mind. Good luck!

Fed Up Of Grim Grooming Time? Here’s Our Top Pick:

1. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

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With gloves available in five sizes, from Junior all the way up to Extra Large, we recommend this pair of award-winning grooming gloves from HandsOn to any customer in a hurry to pick up a product they can trust.

Their five-finger design, which utilizes both bristled and rounded tips on the fingers and palms, creates a versatile tool that can be used for de-shedding, grooming, massaging, even as part of bathing your cat.

Using non-abrasive, flexible rubber nodules means not only will these gloves brush your pet without catching at their skin and causing irritation, but gently massage and distribute those natural oils evenly, for a lovely shiny coat.

Allowing you to reach those tricky tough spots with ease, whether wet or dry, your pets will love them, and so will you – the hook and loop fastener ensures they’ll always stay on tight without constricting your hand.

To clean, you simply rub both gloved hands together in circular motions, rinse off any excess hair with clean water and then air dry… or toss them in with your laundry for a swift, thorough clean.


  • Made to soothe and groom all at once
  • Securely fastened
  • Can be used on any cat, big or small
  • Comes in five different colors – buy a pair for every pet!


  • Some customers have reported a strong smell upon first purchase

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2. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove – One Pair

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An upgrade on their previous version, this new pair of gloves from the gang at Delomo US features 255 enhanced silicon tips, mimicking the touch of your hand to provide a superior groom for your cat, softer than ever before.

The ergonomic five finger design uses lightweight and breathable materials (100% recyclable, too!) whilst the adjustable wrist strap keeps the glove firmly on your hand whilst in use, for an easy and efficient process.

Whilst these gloves are still one size fits all, the upgraded joints are made from lycra fabric, which can stretch and flex to more comfortably fit hands big or small – it also resists hair adhesion to decrease cleanup time.

Soft rubber allows for a gentle massage mid-groom without pain, whilst shedding hair is caught between the bristles and can be moved swiftly and easily as it builds up: simply peel off and throw away!

The elasticated mesh cloth and spandex fabrics are fast drying, so though it isn’t waterproof, you can still use it to groom your cat whilst they’re taking a bath, and it’ll be good to go again in no time.


  • Adjustable wrist strap – one size fits all
  • 255 silicone tips massage and de-shed all in one
  • Can be used for long and short-haired dogs
  • New, improved design


  • May not fit every hand – no size guide available

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3. Star Road Tim Pet Grooming Glove

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Whilst this pair is the most affordable on our list, don’t underestimate them. According to the thousands of five-star reviews, StarRoad-Tim have created an effective, low-budget grooming glove that’s built to last.

Whether it’s the tail, face or tummy, the glove contours to your hands and allows you to groom those difficult sensitive spots, thanks to its enhanced five finger design – one size fits all, and the adjustable wrist strap keeps things secure too.

Imitating your hand’s gentle touch to improve blood circulation and offer a relaxing massage to your pet whilst grooming, it’s perfect for big and small cats alike and should suit even the most anxious of temperaments.

Not only do the gloves allow you to groom like you’re simply petting, but the ingenious design of the spokes also imitates your cat’s tongue, so it feels just like they’re cleaning themselves off even though you’re doing it.

Using a soft mesh design for the back of the glove, they’re comfortable, breathable and possible to use wet or dry. They may not be totally waterproof, but they’ll definitely dry off quickly afterward.


  • Unique design mimics your cat’s tongue
  • Velcro strap for secure wear
  • Easily remove and dispose of hair
  • Pack comes with two gloves, for the left AND right hand


  • One size fits all design may not suit everybody

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4. K&K Pret Grooming Gloves Gift Set 

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From popular pet product manufacturers Kennels & Kats comes this grooming gloves gift set, great for yourself or friends and family members with feline friends who need help with keeping their cat’s hair in check.

Produced from medical grade silicone, they won’t cause any skin damage to your pets, whilst the 260 silicone tips are the perfect length and width for grooming that won’t hurt your cat by tugging at knots.

The innovative design of the breathable, mesh cloth wear allows for comfortable use, with high-quality stitching that runs through a designated rack as opposed to on the glove’s surface to minimize the chance of ripping.

Ergonomic and flexible, you’ll have great control over your groom even when the gloves are wet, and the tough but bendy material allows you to really get into the tight nooks and crannies, even the most sensitive spots.

Delivered in a lovely, well-designed package and a ziplock bag that’s easily stored anyway, it makes a great gift for your loved one and they’ll appreciate how much time and stress you save them every single time they groom!


  • 260 silicone tips – more than any on the market
  • Breathable, fast dry, flexible fabric
  • BPA free – safe for the most sensitive skin
  • Remove dirt, hair and dander and improve circulation


  • Some customers report the bristles aren’t rigorous enough for thicker coats

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5. PetFusion Multipurpose Grooming Glove

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Okay, this glove isn’t actually a replacement for a brush, but if you’re looking for a pair of gloves to wear whilst you groom your cat – especially a stubborn or an anxious one – you’re in the right place.

Providing excellent traction and a secure grip for use at bathtime, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to getting your cat into the tub, and keep you dry (well, your hands and arms!) to boot!

Made from synthetic leather, spandex and silicone, avoiding any toxic or harmful materials, they come in either medium or large and should be a good fit for any wearer.

Protecting your hands and arms all the way up to the elbow, they’re puncture, scratch and water-resistant, helping you to avoid scratches (or worse) during grooming or nail trimming, and keeping you safe on trips to the vets.

They also pass strict European REACH safety standards for your peace of mind, as well as coming with a year’s limited warranty (when it comes to manufacturer defects) to ensure satisfaction with every purchase.


  • Arm length gloves for extra protection
  • Water-resistant and bathtime friendly
  • Flexible with superior grip and traction
  • Bite, scratch and puncture resistant


  • NOT an actual grooming glove, just a glove for grooming

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Buyer’s Guide

Glove vs. Brush – What Are the Benefits?

If you’re looking at this article and wondering why you shouldn’t just get a regular old grooming brush instead, consider the following benefits that switching it out for a brush could have, for you AND your cat!

Reduce your cat’s anxiety: most cats will absolutely adore being petted (though many are fickle about where you can pet them!) but a great deal less are fond of being groomed, and might flee at the mere sight of the brush or comb.

By using the glove, you’ll be able to much more easily groom your cat, as they’re less likely to run off or attack out because of their anxiety, especially as you’re essentially petting them and grooming at the same time!

Most cats won’t even realize you’re brushing them too, so they may well begin purring as though you were having a classic cuddle session, really helping to seal that bond between you.

Massage whilst grooming: because it feels much more natural, and works with the flow of your hands, not only can you remove those mats, knots or tangles, but provide a deeper massage to their coat with less risk of accidentally hurting them.

You’ll be able to comb out any problem areas with much more accuracy, and they’re not going to freak out (as much…) if you accidentally pull at them, because they’re getting snuggles at the same time!

Be gentler on the skin and coat: most, if not all of the gloves we’ve picked out feature these little nodules of rubber on the spokes of the brush, which are softer and kinder to your cats – great if your furry friend has sensitive skin.

As these spokes are scattered around the contours of your hand, it might also make pulling and tugging at their hair and skin less painful, instead of being an aggressive, sharp collection of spikes that you rip through their fur.

Easier to maintain: unlike a brush, which is hard to fully remove hair from, a grooming glove is flexible enough to properly clean out – you’ll simply peel away the fur in a big old clump and then throw it in the trash.

If you really want to be thorough about it, many gloves are suitable for machine washing, so you can throw them in for a real good soak. Check manufacturer’s instructions first, though, and maybe don’t put it in with your clothes!

Work whether wet or dry: most grooming gloves are made from waterproof materials, which means that not only can you brush out your cat’s fur whilst they sit on your lap, but tick off two tasks at once and groom them in the tub, too!

Other Features to Consider


From tiny newborn tabby to fully grown Maine Coone, cats come in all shapes and sizes, so ensuring that the glove is going to be sizeable and robust enough to do the job is your first port of call.

Also an important consideration size-wise is whether or not it properly fits your hands! The gloves are usually unisex, but if you keep having to pull it up or it’s constricting your blood flow mid-groom,  you can’t use it properly.


By adding rubber, silicone or other soft, non-abrasive materials to the tips of the rigid spokes, brushes can gather up and detangle your cat’s fur much more gently, as well as encouraging them to stay still by simulating the feeling of a massage.

With the five-finger design (as opposed to a more mitten-like approach) you can also get into every nook and cranny, whilst still being gentle about it and providing a soothing pat as you go, which your kitty (or kitties) will appreciate.


There’s no point swapping your brush out for a glove if you’re not going to be able to properly mimic its grooming capabilities, so ensuring that it works to rid their coat of knots and matting is a biggie, if that wasn’t obvious.

By utilizing different sizes and styles of rubber-tipped spokes in their brushes, to provide a brush and a massage simultaneously, the best brushes are able to detangle and comfort your cats.

Hair removal

Keeping your glove clean is another important factor, as once it’s all clogged up with hair it’s going to be much less effective at grooming. You don’t want to spend hours picking fur out strand by strand!

Quality gloves are cleverly designed so that all of the stray hair you pull out creates one large clump, which is very easily removed all in one go by simply bending them until it falls into the trash. Far less frustrating than cleaning out a brush!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove pet hair from grooming gloves?

As we’ve explained above, removing the hair from your grooming glove should be as simple as pulling it out easily in a large clump, but especially short-haired felines may leave behind some hairs too short to pull out.

You’ll be absolutely fine to thoroughly rinse the gloves with warm water if you’re having difficulty removing this excess hair, and some are even machine washable, though you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions before doing so.

How do you properly use a grooming glove?

Step one is to make sure that both you and your cat are calm, relaxed and ready for grooming. You might do well to have some of their favorite treats on standby, just in case things go south or you need help keeping kitty still.

Then you’re going to want to deftly and sneakily put on the glove, ensuring it’s secure and won’t come off mid-groom, so as to not disturb your cat and cause them to get spooked or try to make a break for it.

Once ready to go, gently begin stroking your cat companion as you normally would, moving gently and making sweeping movements, being sure to follow the direction of hair growth to avoid pulling or tugging.

You’ll be more likely to keep your cat happy during grooming if you’re especially gentle around their more sensitive spots like their bellies, heads and near the eyes, ears or face in general.

If your kitty tends to have more stubborn mats and tangles, we’d recommend you use a comb beforehand to try and tease these out first – regular grooming a few days a week will make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s likely you’ll have to clean out the gloves a few times during the grooming process to ensure that they continue to work as they should, otherwise you’ll end up with a knotty glove AND a knotty cat!

How can I reduce cat hair in my house?

Sick and tired of finding hair all over your soft furnishing, clothes, and everything you’ve ever loved? Try one of our handy hints for keeping on top of a moggy that’s molting everywhere, by reducing their shedding as much as you can.

Regular brushing, as mentioned above, is your best bet – you’ll collect all of that hair before it even has a chance to hit the floor, and the more you do it, the more effective a method of prevention it’ll be.

Does your cat have drier than average skin and a rough coat that molts often? You might need to encourage them to drink more water, by filling up their bowl with fresh, clean water and keeping it full up all day.

Much as they might hate you for it, consistent bathing, at least once a month, is going to assist in getting rid of excess hair, and they’ll smell all the sweeter too, even if they do loathe you afterwards.

Switching out their food for a healthier, omega-rich variety encourages their chances of a shiner, sleeker coat, promotes better hair overall and helps to minimize shedding in general.


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