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Best Cat Food For SphynxWay down deep we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats just have the courage to live by them – Jim Davis

Individuality is a universal commonality. Every living creature is unique, driven by their own desires, dreams, ideas, and personality quirks, and they’re all vying for, and trying to find, their own place in the world.

Sometimes, that race to find out where each of us belongs leads to us developing mutually beneficial relationships, some of which have, since the dawn of recorded history, mutated, evolved, and developed their own unique dynamic. 

Chief among these relationships is the master and servant alliance that exists between humans and felines. We choose to view them as our pets, but cats view that particular association in a very different light. 

While we give them food, shelter, and endless attention, all we ask of them in return is their affection, which is a life-long contract that cats are more than happy to entertain. They are loveable, wonderful, intelligent companions who we gladly look after.

But just like us, cats have very particular needs, pedigree cats more so than others, and some of these needs, such as their dietary requirements, are incredibly breed-specific.

That’s why we’ve chosen five of the best cat foods that you can feed your Sphynx, or Canadian Hairless, cats, to help you to provide your Sphynx with everything that they need, and you can give them, to live their best possible life.

They may look a little different, and they may be more complicated than Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, but Sphynx cats are also extremely loyal, and that loyalty can easily be rewarded by providing them with the sort of food that will enable your relationship to thrive.

Are you ready to make your best friend even happier? Then let’s find the foods that’ll turn their purrs all the way up to eleven…

1. Wellness CORE Pate Wet Cat Food

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Wellness isn’t just a name, it’s the core belief that inspires everything that the brand does.

For Wellness, mealtime isn’t just about a bowl of food, it’s the foundation that the relationship between you and your Sphynx is built on. And Wellness wants that relationship to be a long, happy, and healthy one. 

This pate is made using a natural, grain-free recipe that uses cranberries and botanicals as bulking agents instead of the usual stodgy, unhealthy fillers that a lot of other brands use.

Made from lean meats and healthy fats it also has all the fish and omega flax oils and vitamins and minerals that your Sphynx needs to maintain his high energy levels, keep his skin and heart healthy and in prime condition, his joints supple, and his vision sharp and focused.

And if that wasn’t enough, Wellness’ Core Pate is also easy on your Sphynx’s teeth and contains all the moisture that he’ll need to help him try to satiate his insatiable curiosity.

Some brands pretend to have a conscience in order to try and establish an emotional connection with their customers, but Wellness isn’t one of those companies.

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they just want what’s best for your cat, which is why they do what they do so well. And the fact that your Sphynx will love the taste of this pate only makes their mission easier.


  • It’s filled with the sort of lean meats that your Sphynx will move heaven and Earth for, and it’s packed with all of the fats and oils that he needs to thrive. 
  • Wellness doesn’t use any of the traditional bulkers like soy in their pate, they prefer to do things the natural way and use botanicals, vegetables, and fruits instead. But don’t tell your Sphynx that or he may well turn his nose up and walk away. After all, you know what kids are like if they think something is good for them. 
  • High in moisture content, this pate is designed to keep your pal happy, healthy, and well-fed at all times, and the combination of ingredients that it uses also makes it easy for him to digest.


  • Wellness’ quality control department could do with an overhaul. A worrying amount of reviews have flagged the fact that some cans are under the weight they’re advertised as being, their expiry dates have been mislabelled, and that the standard of the food isn’t what they thought it would, or expected it to be. 

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2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

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Named after the dogs their founder adopted in the late nineties, Stella & Chewy’s started life as a raw food brand whose products were designed to nurse sickly pets back to health by giving them a nutritious diet.

Since that time, they’ve expanded their central ideology to provide healthy, balanced food for the most significant soul in your life, your pet. 

Crafted with care and in small batches in Stella & Chewy’s Winsconsin based kitchen, their dinner morsels are comprised of ninety-eight percent meat, bone, and organs and are filled to bursting with taurine and probiotics to aid your Sphynx’s digestion and overall well being and keep his diet as close to the one that nature intended him to have as possible.

There are no unnecessary bulking agents, fillers, or hormones, and everything in Stella & Chewy’s Dinner Morsels is responsibly and sustainably sourced and one hundred percent natural. 

Designed to improve your Sphynx’s appetite, provide allergy relief, increase his skin vitality, keep his teeth and gums healthy and boost his immune system, Stella & Chewy’s is a tasty way to make sure that your Sphynx stays on top of his game.

The mighty oak that grew from the little acorn of one woman’s kindness and love for her animals, Stella & Chewy’s only exists to make your cat’s life better. 


  • You can literally count the number of ingredients that go into every batch of Stella & Chewy’s on both hands. And none of them have the sort of scientific name that you need a degree in Chemistry to interpret.
  • While these dinner morsels don’t use any fillers or bulking agents, what they do use are Probiotics that will increase and maintain your Sphynx’s digestive health.
  • And they’re also formulated to promote skin health and keep those pesky allergies at bay, which as any Sphynx owner knows all too well, are vital to the wellbeing of your cherished companion.  


  • Stella & Chewy’s is freeze-dried food, so you’ll need to rehydrate it before feeding it your Sphynx. But as that isn’t a complicated process and won’t suck up too much of your free time, it’s a small price to pay to keep your best friend happy, healthy, and alert. 

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3. ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Cat Food

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Whether your Sphynx is a keen hunter or prefers to spend his days sleeping, he’s still a carnivore.

That’s why Ziwi follows the rule of the PeakPrey ratio and makes sure that all of their foods are rich in meat, organs, and seafood and are boosted with superfoods, to absolutely and completely balance your Sphynx’s diet. 

Ziwi doesn’t use any cheap fillers or bulking agents, there are no unnecessary carbohydrates in their food and all of the ingredients that they do use are sourced from free-range, organic New Zealand farms and the ocean that surrounds the islands.

Their air-dried food is full to bursting with all of the vitamins, minerals, fats, and oils that’ll keep your Sphynx’s skin vibrant, maintain his incredible energy levels and ensure that his heart stays healthy and his joints remain supple. 

Nothing is too good for your Sphynx as far as Ziwi is concerned, and their dry food will help to keep his voracious appetite in check, as he’ll be able to help himself whenever he feels like it.

You can just fill his bowl, put it down and let him eat as often as he likes without worrying that it might spoil or dry out, which it won’t. It’s a complete dry food that’s been made to cater to your Sphynx’s every need.


  • It’s a complete dry food, so you can put it down for your boy and let him eat as much or as little as he wants to throughout the day without even having to think about it spoiling.
  • Packed with calories, oils, proteins, vitamins, and fats, Ziwi Peak is a rich, dense dry food that your Sphynx will adore. Even the pickiest of picky eaters will go back for seconds. And thirds. And fourths. The only problem you might have is putting enough Ziwi Peak down for your cat. 


  • As it’s dry food, ideally you’ll always need to ensure that your Sphynx’s water bowl is full as he’ll need to balance his food intake with constant moisture.  
  • It’s not exactly cheap, and will almost certainly put a hole in your pocketbook, especially if your Sphynx develops a taste for Ziwi Peak. Which he almost certainly will. But regardless of how much it costs, your best friend is worth the expenditure if it makes him happy and keeps him healthy. 

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4. Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Wet Cat Food

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Instinct is on a mission to transform the lives of pets, and they wholeheartedly believe that their chosen undertaking begins with the food that your Sphynx eats.

They subscribe to a credo of keeping everything as natural and pure as possible and in doing their part to improve the quality of your cat’s life, one can of food at a time. 

Made from real meat and whole food ingredients, this grain and filler-free cat food is full of animal protein and all of the fats, oils, and nutrients that your Sphynx adores and nature created to keep him healthy throughout every stage of his life.

It’ll ensure that his skin and heart stay healthy, his joints remain supple, and that he’ll always have more energy than the entire cast of a Disney parade.

And, even if he is a fussy eater, with the incredible variety of flavors that Instinct make, there’s bound to be at least one that tickles his fancy and keeps him coming back for more. 

Guided by science and passion, Instinct is a brand that you can put your trust in to fulfill all of your Spyhnx’s dietary needs.

They’ve built their reputation based solely on the quality of the food that they produce, and your Sphynx will fall head over heels in love with everything that Instinct does.


  • It’s a grain, filler, and artificial bulker free cat food that’s high in meat, bone, and organ content and has all of the fats, oils, and nutrients that your Sphynx needs to make the most out of every day. 
  • And, according to Sphynx lovers, it tastes good too. At least they think it does because as soon as they put it down, their cat’s heads go into their bowls and they don’t emerge until they’ve licked those bowls clean. 


  • For a brand that vehemently clings to the natural approach as rigidly as Instinct does, It’s a little surprising that they use flaxseed rather than fish oil as a source of Omega 3 for their food. While it isn’t a big deal, some Sphynx’s stomachs can be a little sensitive to flaxseed oil, so it might be worth letting your Sphynx try Instinct before entirely committing their diet to it. 

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5. Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Feline Beef And Salmon Formula 

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In 1993, Matt Koss, upon learning that his dog Luna was suffering from renal failure and upon veterinary advice, switched her over to a raw food diet that he formulated and designed.

It saved her life and changed the course of his, and he dedicated himself to creating the sort of natural food that would promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of pets everywhere.

That was thirty years ago and Primal Pet Foods has been following its founder’s lead ever since. 

The meat that Primal Pet Foods uses is sourced from organic farms, so it’s completely hormone and antibiotic-free and their freeze-dried food is made of ninety-seven percent meat, organs, and bones, so all of the oils, fats, and nutrients that it contains are completely natural.

It’s an every stage of life cat food that’s been purposely engineered and designed by nutrients and scientists to ensure that your Sphynx remains healthy and happy well into his dotage and that old age won’t stop him enjoying every minute of the time that he gets to spend with you.

They’re a brand that keeps everything that they do simple and straightforward, and they’ll happily tell you that feeding your Sphynx Primal will nourish him the way that nature intended.

We kind of like that, and that’s why we’ve been feeding our Sphynx with their food for the last five years.


  • Almost completely natural, Primal is made to fulfill all of your Sphynx’s dietary needs by supplying all of the nutrients, oils, and proteins that he needs, when he needs them. 
  • Ethically sourced and produced, Primal Pet Food is there to make pets’ lives better. It was a company forged from one man’s love for his dog, and it continues to do what it has always done. Make the sort of food that your Sphynx will crave, day after day.


  • It’s another freeze-dried food, so you’ll have to rehydrate it before you serve it to your Sphynx, but as doing that isn’t exactly rocket science, it won’t slow you down or stop you from doing the best that you absolutely can for your best friend.
  • And neither will the price, even though it’s pretty steep and probably not what you budgeted for. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sphynx Cat? 

The Sphynx cat, also known as the Canadian Hairless, is the product of a selective breeding program that came to fruition in Canada in the nineteen sixties.

Easily identified by their elongated heads, webbed feet, and hairless appearance, Sphynx’s are warmer to the touch than almost any other feline due to their lack of fur.

Known for their devotion to their owners, these affectionate cats are usually highly intelligent, incredibly curious, and have both a high metabolism and energy level.

Their behavior and the way they interact with their owners often leads to them being compared to dogs and referred to as the canines of the feline world. 

As a breed, they are prone to cardiac problems and due to them being devoid of fur, are more suited to life as an indoor cat, as they can develop skin cancer if they’re exposed to sunlight for too long and have less resistance to temperature fluctuations than other cats do. 

What Cat Food Should I Feed My Sphynx Cat? 

As all of the foods on our list easily fulfill all of the dietary requirements of the breed, the only questions that you’ll need to really ask yourself before deciding what you’re going to feed your Sphynx, is what your budget is. 

If you have set a strict budget, then we’d always advise you to feed your Sphynx with either Wellness or Instinct as they’re both affordable brands of cat food that your Sphynx will adore and both will help to keep him healthy and happy.

However, if your budget isn’t an issue, then we’d suggest that you feed your Sphynx with either Primal Pet Foods or Stella & Chewy freeze-dried food, as not only are they both completely natural, all of their ingredients are also ethically sourced from sustainable free-range farms.

So, you’ll be helping to save the planet as well as providing your Sphynx with a diet that he’ll fall in love with.

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