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Cat doors are a great invention, aren’t they?

They allow your cat the freedom to come and go as they please without the embarrassment of getting stuck in a window or having you up and down 20 times a day to let them in and out.

With a cat door though, comes trouble. It’s an open invitation to your house, and some animals take advantage of that.

Yes, we are talking about raccoons here.

These clever animals have learned how to open cat doors and pose a threat not only to your food supplies but to your family’s safety as well.

Thankfully in the wonderful world, we live in, you can now get cat doors designed to keep raccoons out! A welcome relief to those fed up with extra house guests.

With so many on the market, it can be challenging knowing where to start! Luckily for you, the hunting has already been done!

Stick around for the best cat door to keep out raccoons, read our handy buyers guide to deduce which is the best for you, and use our FAQ section for any queries and banish raccoons from your kitchen table!

In a hurry? Check out our top pick to grab the door and banish raccoons!

1. PetSafe Interior and Exterior Cat Door 

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PetSafe’s cat door is decently priced and can be easily installed. Designed to fit most wood, PVC, and UPVC doors, you can be up and running quickly.

Those looking to install this door in metal, glass, brick, or wall will need to purchase additional accessories to do this successfully.

You are guaranteed high quality with this cat door, made of a durable plastic frame.

Customers were impressed with the customer service, providing great assistance when required.

This cat door uses microchip scanning to protect your home from unwanted visitors. The scanner works with your cat’s existing microchip to grant them access.
You can program this to allow entrance and exit for up to 40 cats, great for the crazy cat lovers among us!

If your cat has not been microchipped, you can purchase an additional key fob that can be used on your cat’s collar to grant them access.

The door also features a 4-way lock that can be manually controlled, allowing you to ensure the door is locked when you aren’t home. Its dual security latches also provide extra security.

You will get 12 months of battery life from this cat door too. Some customers did find the instructions a little difficult to follow when setting up, but what you get is a cat door designed to keep those raccoons out!


  • Good customer service
  • Easy for cats to use
  • Can program up to 40 cats
  • Easy to lock
  • Controls entry and exit


  • Some customers found the instructions difficult to follow
  • More time to browse? Check out our other great options below…

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2. Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

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Another affordable option is Cate Mate’s cat door which is also controlled by microchip access.

This cat door will scan either your cat’s existing microchip or a tag on the collar. This door lets your program up to 30 cats, so you’ll have plenty of capacity for your furry friends.

Anyone without a registered chip won’t be able to get in, welcome news for those plagued by raccoons.

It also features a 4-way manual lock giving you control over entry and exit, great for those attempting to impose a curfew on your cats! Easier said than done, I know!

The door can be installed into doors, windows, and walls, allowing you to place it in the best place for your cat.

The door has a brushed seal with magnetic closures to provide total weatherproofing and minimum energy loss, after all, no-one wants a draughty flap!

The magnetic closures, 4-way lock, and microchip technology make it much harder for raccoons to sneak their way in. a feature that customers were particularly pleased with.

To operate, it needs 4 AA batteries, from which you will get about 12 months of battery life. Cat Mate also offers excellent customer service to assist with any queries you may have!

The cat door measures at 145mm x 145mm, which some customers did find a little snug for larger cats, but for those with smaller cats, it’s a great choice! And a smaller door makes it even harder for those pesky raccoons to sneak in!


  • Programs up to 30 cats
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Manual lock to control entry and exit
  • Perfect for smaller cats


  • A little snug for larger cats

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3. SureFlap microchip cat door connect with hub bundle

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SureFlap offers a more expensive cat door that works with microchip technology and includes a hand app with this bundle deal!

Downloaded onto your phone or smart device, you can track your cats coming and going remotely, allowing you to understand your cats’ habits.

You can program up to 32 cats on the microchip scanner, which uses RFID technology to read the cats existing microchip.

The dual-scan technology allows you to set exit permissions for each cat, giving you, arguably for the first time, some control over your cat’s life! You can also set a curfew for when your cat is allowed out, finally control over the unruly felines!

The app not only allows you to track your cats but lock and unlock the cat door remotely!

Great for those forgetful owners who need to lock the door, or those tucked up in bed who don’t want to walk downstairs. You can have your lazy Sunday morning and still let your cat out, what a win!

The door uses 4 AA batteries, with a handy low battery indicator which flashes red when the batteries need to be changed.

This door works best with smaller cats and boasts a 3-year warranty, leaving your pockets well protected and your home safe from raccoons!

Customers were particularly pleased by the added security the app provides and the locking to help keep raccoons out!


  • Microchip operated
  • The app lets you track your cat’s comings and goings
  • 3-year warranty
  • Can program up to 32 cats
  • Easy to install


  • Expensive

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4. Depets Large Cat Door

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An incredibly affordable option, Depets cat door is great for larger cats thanks to its larger door size of 7.7 x 8.3 inches!

The door features 4 different models to lock, providing control of your pet’s entry and exit, and of course, a way to keep the raccoons out!

The door is easy to install into windows, doors, and cupboards. The cat door comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions, allowing for quick and easy installation!

Made of ABS plastic, the door is weather-resistant, with a smooth and durable surface. The flap is transparent with a waterproof exterior screen. The transparent flap is great for nervous cats who like to see the inside of their house, or are on raccoon watch!

Customers were particularly pleased with its ability to keep oversized raccoons out of their house thanks to the locking mechanism in place.

Some customers found that the door itself was a little flimsy in design, something to bear in mind before purchasing.

Unlike others on this list, the door is manual so you will have to lock it yourself, but for the price, it’s worth a journey downstairs!


  • Affordable
  • 4 model locking system
  • Great for larger cats
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant


  • The flap itself feels a little cheap and flimsy

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5. High Tech Pet Power Electronic Pet Door

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A more expensive option is the high tech pet door. Electronically operated this pet door is a motor-driven vertical sliding door.

Different in design from the others on this list, the door works with an MS-4 ultrasonic collar to activate the sensors and open the door. Thanks to the collar, only the pet wearing the collar can enter, leaving raccoons at the door!

The directional sensing system opens the door only when the cat approaches directly, as opposed to wandering or sleeping next to the door, minimizing unexpected openings!

The door features a 4-way access control where you can select from in only, out only, full access, or closed and locked. The control is great for those wanting to keep raccoons out, and secure their home.

High Tech’s door is wind and weather-resistant and boasts an airtight seal to stop the heat from leaving your home.

It also comes with an automatic deadbolt, providing an added level of security its competitors don’t offer.

The panel size is 8-¼ by 10 inches, great for cats and dogs up to 30lb in weight!

The door comes with the required batteries as well, allowing for an even quicker set up! There’s nothing worse than scrabbling for some half-used AA’s is there?

Customers were particularly impressed with the strength of the door, keeping raccoons out! Those with a bigger budget and larger pets should consider this as a great and secure investment!


  • 4-way access control
  • Wind and weather-resistant
  • Great for larger cats and dogs
  • Activated by the ultrasonic collar
  • Directional sensing system


  • Expensive

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Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a cat door but don’t know what’s right for you?

Our buyer’s guide will help you make that decision!


There are a few different types of cat doors that will help prevent raccoons from getting into the house, and it’s important to pick the one that will best suit you.


Cat doors operated by microchips that were placed in when you had your cat microchipped. The scanner can be programmed to register the cat’s microchip and grant them entry and exit to and from the house.

Most cat doors with this technology will allow you to program multiple cats as well. For those who have not microchipped their cats, you can buy separate collars or key fobs that you can use to register, and as long as the cat is wearing it, an entry will be granted.

These doors often also come with additional manual locks, but be sure to check the reviews, as some with the right amount of force or determination can be broken into by other cats or raccoons.

Microchip cat doors are generally electronic and run off batteries. These usually need to be purchased separately and will last for roughly 12 months before they need to be replaced. Look out for doors that offer a low battery indicator too to keep you in the loop!


Manual cat doors can feature great locking facilities, the main difference being that they will not run off any electricity or batteries.

This means that you will have to set the locking system up by hand, and they may not be as vigilant in repelling raccoons. As there will be no scanning, the door will not know what cat and what’s not, meaning if it’s open, raccoons can still sneak in.

Those with smaller cats may find success with these, as the raccoon will often not be able to fit through the door.

To ensure that the raccoon cannot enter you can set the door to exit only or keep it locked and closed and will need to manually open the door for your cats to enter. This is not ideal for some people, who prefer the security a microchip-based door offers.

Manual doors tend to be more affordable and providing the right size can work well to keep raccoons out of the house.


When selecting your cat door the material is an important factor to consider.

To install a cat door you will usually be cutting a hole in your wall, door, or window. To minimize the amount of heat being lost through this, opt for high-quality material.

Plastic and PVC are commonly used and are generally of high quality that will be durable for use.

Look for materials that will withstand cold temperatures, some plastic could become brittle when temperatures plummet which could lead to the door cracking.

On the other hand, hot temperatures can cause the plastic to deform which could lead to issues and potentially leave your furry friend stuck outside!

These days cat doors are made with this mind, but a durable and strong door, with an airtight seal to keep heat in the home is the best option to go for!


A very important factor to consider is the safety of your home and your pets.

Opting for an electronic microchipped-based door provides your pet with the freedom to roam, but also the peace of mind for you that your cat and your cat only can get back in.

These doors can be locked manually, or sometimes remotely via an app as well for round the clock security!

Manual doors will also offer a locking function, but you will need to be present and do not provide your cat with as much freedom as an electronic door.

Be sure to opt for a cat door that has a good locking system to keep unwanted animals and burglars out.


Cat doors can range widely in price, especially those offering microchip scanning functions. Be sure to set a clear budget before you begin your hunt for the best cat door.

Consider what it is that you need from the door, aside from keeping raccoons out to make the best purchase for you!

Remember to keep an eye out for sales to grab a bargain! You can get a great cat door that will keep raccoons out for a great price, there’s one for every budget!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get those questions answered, and the raccoons away.

Why should I have a raccoon-proof cat door?

You’ve seen the scene from Elf, right? Who wants to be mauled by a crazed raccoon?

Installing a raccoon-proof cat door is just one way to protect you from that (along with not petting raccoons of course!) but there are other benefits too to installing a raccoon-proof door.

Safety is the biggest reason, they can be very dangerous and aggressive animals (Elf was no joke!) so for the protection of your family, it’s good to add a layer of protection to the house.

Raccoons are also carriers of diseases, one of them being rabies, which is best to keep away from your family and pets!

They have also been known to kill cats, so give your cat a home ground advantage and keep the raccoons outside!

Is there another way to keep the raccoons away?

Alongside a raccoon-proof cat door, there are other techniques you can adopt to discourage raccoons from seeking refuge in your home.

One is to avoid leaving food in open spaces or near doors and windows. Generally, a raccoon is looking for food, not a warm bed for the night. It’s best to feed your cats during the day when raccoons are sleeping and clean up the food before the night.

Removing the temptation of food should greatly reduce your risk of attracting raccoons to your home.

Making sure that all doors and windows are closed at night is another good way to keep the raccoons out. The nighttime is when raccoons tend to go hunting for food, so battening down the hatches will help.

An electronic cat door is a good option to insert, as it will only be opened by your cat wearing the corresponding chip, and leaving the raccoons outside. A cat door with an additional lock will also make it more challenging for raccoons to enter the house.

Using non-toxic raccoon repellents is also an option to keep them away from your house without killing the animal.

Non-toxic repellents should hopefully not cause any harm to your cats too, a flashing solar-powered light is a popular choice often used to keep animals away from chicken coops or gardens.

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