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Any cat owner will tell you that their feline friends are basically a member of the family, providing emotional support, cuddles and companionship.

But they can also stink your house out with their litter trays!

Even moving their bathroom habits into one room of the home can fail to stifle the smell, but some heavy-duty air fresheners aren’t suitable for use with animals in the home.

How can you clear the odor AND keep your cat safe and sound?

Well, we’ve scoured the net to find you the top five air fresheners for cats, as rated by pet owners themselves, in order to offer you some alternatives to the options you’ve tried before.

And they’re all 100% feline-friendly!

For a low down on the problems that toxic air fresheners can cause your cats, as well as features to look out for when picking out the deoderiser for you, have a look at our thoroughly researched and clear, comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.

Need additional information? Check the FAQs section at the end of the article, as we’ve answered some of the most burning questions from cat lovers also trying to de-stink their home, and we might have covered yours too.

Good luck!

Sick Of The Stink? Time For Our Top Pick:

1. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener

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Having earned themselves a Safer Choice label from the EPA, we’re happy to promote the Fresh Wave Air Freshener Spray as our number one product for eradicating cat odors in the most feline-friendly way!

Without utilizing any harmful chemicals, masking fragrances or harsh ingredients, it successfully removes any unwanted odors instantly, and does so using completely natural and kitty suited ingredients.

As a non-aerosol based spray, it’s non-toxic, non-GMO, non-hazardous and completely safe for not just people and their pets, but the whole planet too. It’s biodegradable and the packaging is fully recyclable too!

As well as eradicating stinks, you can also use it as a fabric refresher for your clothes, shoes, upholstery, gym bags, pet beds… anything you wished smelled a little better? Just give it a spray and be surprised!

Every single bottle is produced in Rising Sun, Indiana, and all of the plant oils used have been sourced from other manufacturers who share their same ethical values and approaches. It’s a product you can depend on, for the whole family!


  • Value two pack – excellent saving
  • Entirely natural product with ethical sources
  • Safe for you, your pets and the world
  • Removes odors on just about anything!


  • Water based – may damage or mar wooden furnishings

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2. One Fur All Pet House Freshening Room Spray

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Made for the sole purpose of freshening up pet-loving homes and cars, every bottle of One Fur All Room Spray is created to improve quality of life for you AND your cat, proudly produced right here in the good old USA.

Whether you go for Fresh Citrus or Lavender Green Tea, each scent is made with high quality fragrance to create a rich, long-lasting aroma that is proven to be effective without overpowering, and totally non-toxic to boot.

Unlike other odor eliminators, they contain zero parabens, dyes, paraffin, phthalates or formaldehyde, but have been tested and specially formulated to effectively remove those unpleasant and unwanted smells every time.

When you aren’t a hundred percent satisfied with your products, the One Fur All team are more than happy to take advantage of a full refund, thanks to their money-back, satisfaction guarantee. It’s a win-win situation!

It’s not just for cats, either. Whether you’re trying to cover up the smell of litter boxes, wet dogs, hamster cages or any other pet-based smell, and you’ve exhausted all other options, consider this spray your lighthouse in the dark.


  • Non-toxic, pet-friendly room freshening spray
  • Several scents to suit all customers
  • One to three sprays covers an entire room
  • Convenient, purse-size bottle


  • Small 4oz bottles, though you can get a two pack

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3. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener, Pack of 3

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Allowing owners to be greeted by their pets and not whatever smells they produce, these solid air fresheners from Citrus Magic promise to absorb even the stubbornest odors thanks to their unique formula, including baking powder and other eliminators.

Perhaps one of the safest products on the market now, it should absorb odors for between eight and ten weeks, across areas as vast as 350 square feet. Even in the biggest, grandest homes you’ll find success!

All you need to do is peel off the top label to expose the air vents (much like you would a closet dehumidifier, say) and simply pot it in the area you want to freshen up or remove distinctly disgusting odors from.

As it’s so pet-friendly and compactly sized, you’ll find it’s perfect for improving the scent in many problem areas, whether that’s a litter box, carrying cage or bag, pet beds… any nook, cranny or hidey-hole your cat likes to hang out in.

For best effects in larger areas like a basement, it’s recommended you use several of the fresheners spaced away from eachother; effectiveness can be increased further by positioning near a circulating air source, such as a fan or AC.


  • Super easy to use – simply open and leave!
  • Lasts for up to three months
  • 24 oz pack – much greater in size than some of the other options
  • You’ll never spray too much and have a coughing fit – the formula is solid!


  • Limited scent options – citrus or ‘unscented’

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4. Smells Begone Pet Odor Absorber Gel Air Freshener

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Another solid freshener we love, this time in a gel based formula, is this Odor Absorber from Smells Begone. We especially like their pet soothing Breeze Scented two pack, which we’ve linked to specifically above.

Continuing to absorb odors for up to ninety days once opened, in rooms as large as 450 square feet, each tub will leave a noticeably fresher, yet never overpowering, scent throughout your whole home.

All ingredients have been naturally derived, are non-toxic, non-allergenic and formulated with essential oil based fragrances – though you should be careful to avoid the stronger scents, which may upset your cat’s nose!

Not satisfied with smell-proofing your home, you can also use Smell Be Gone jars in your office, car, RV… even on a boat! If your pet spends time somewhere and you’d like it to smell better, this is all you need to buy.

Proudly made in the USA with completely recyclable packaging, all you need to do is open the jar, remove the interior liner and pop that lid back on. Place it in a well-ventilated area for maximum odor absorption!


  • Made in the USA from all natural ingredients
  • 15 ounces in every jar
  • Completely non-toxic and free of allergens
  • Lasts up to three months even in the largest rooms of the house


  • Essential oils based – some cats may dislike certain scents, so stick to the pet soothing one!

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5. Tailerri Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag & Moisture Absorber

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Last but not least on our list is a slightly different option from manufacturers Tailerri, who’ve created a natural odor elimination device in the form of bags of 100% natural activated charcoal. Each purchase gets you four bags, so it’s excellent value!

Promising to remove the smell of stinky pets at the very least, every bag is non-toxic, biodegradable and free of discernable fragrance – it simply removes the smells you don’t want in your house, rather than just covering them up!

Don’t worry about keeping your cat or any curious children safe, as even if the bags end up in their mouths (we all know how much kids love to eat things they shouldn’t), there will be absolutely no adverse side effects or problems. It’ll taste gross though!

Following manufacturer’s instructions, they’re long-lasting and should continue to keep your home odor free for up to two years. No need to continuously buy sprays when you can just use these wonderful little bags!

Once the bag has reached the end of its very long life, all you have to do is place it in your backyard. Simply bury in the soil and your plants will absorb more nutrients and water thanks to their natural growth encouraging properties.


  • Can be used in your garden once finished, so super eco friendly
  • Works wonders to eradicate litterbox smell
  • Up to two years of continuous use – the longest on our list
  • Place it wherever you want, even in the fridge!


  • Resuable, but must spend a few hours in the sun once a month to extend their life

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Buyer’s Guide

Pet Safety

For any responsible cat lover, the safety and wellbeing of your kitty companion is your number one priority. If you weren’t already aware, there are several ingredients in common air fresheners for your home that are actually toxic to cats.

The biggest culprit in most are VOCS, or volatile organic compounds, which are essentially chemicals with a high vapor concentration and pressure. When sprayed at room temperature, they dissipate into the air as they are intended.

Much like fossil fuels, paints and varnishes, even cigarette smoke – none of which you would have around your cat! – these can cause a whole range of illnesses, including irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, kidney damage, even cat cancers.

Though advertised as all-natural, essential oils have become a popular inclusion in air fresheners of late, but are also toxic to cats and should be kept away. Even if you only spray a tiny bit, all of the nasties will linger in the air AND on your furniture.

Room fresheners and deodorizers are notorious for causing Feline Allergic Bronchitis, which is a form of asthma or coughing attack that leads to irritation of the respiratory system. Not good!

It’s incredibly important to ensure the air freshener you use is advertised as pet friendly – all of the products on our list absolutely are, so it’s a good place to start. Make sure you thoroughly read the label if you choose to stray from our suggestions!

Odor Removal

Second in importance to protecting your pet is getting rid of their stench! You want an air freshener that’s going to remove the odor, not just mask it for a little bit; it’s also best when you only need to spray a small amount in order to do this.

Checking the reviews, as we’ve done for the options provided, is a great way to see if fellow cat lovers have approved the freshener you’re interested in. There’s nothing worse than getting excited about a great new product, only for it to then fail!

Likewise, some fresheners are made to mask a gross smell, rather than get rid of it completely. For best results, make sure you opt for a product that will remove your unwanted scents, not just cover it up for a bit.

Preferred Scent

Aside from making sure, of course, that you’re not opting for a natural or essential-oil based smell, as these are toxic to your cat, the world of freshener scents is pretty much your oyster.

You can find a spray with just about any ‘flavor’ you could want!

What would be the point in getting rid of one bad smell, only to replace or cover it with an air freshener that smells equally as unpleasant to your nose?

Invest in a smell you’re actually going to want to linger around your home for weeks!

Ease Of Use

Sure, spraying air freshener is a piece of cake, but some of those plug ins and dehumidifiers can be especially complicated.

Stick to the simplistic aerosol can with a sensitive enough trigger to eradicate smells in seconds.

As you’ll see by our list, you can also get solid air fresheners, which are even easier to use.

Simply open up the lid and leave in your desired location – others don’t even have a lid to open, and simply sit wherever you want to remove a bad smell!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I minimize cat-related odors?

Besides selecting the most successful air-freshener for your home, there are several other ways you could try and reduce the smell of their litter boxes. You may need something stronger if they have a habit of peeing everywhere!

Frequently changing their litter box, especially if you can catch them as soon as they finish up their business, will contribute to an odor reduction. The longer it’s left there to linger, the worst the smell is going to be!

When urine is a problem, some natural remedies you may already have at home could prove useful, for instance baking soda. Simply sprinkle a few teaspoons onto the affected area, leave as long as you can (preferably overnight) and then vacuum.

Should your cat return to the scene of the crime, you won’t need to worry, as baking powder is completely non-toxic and won’t hurt kitty at all. We would encourage you to keep them away though, unless you want white pawprints all over the house!

Providing as much ventilation as possible in the affected room(s) will also clear out the smell more quickly, though if leaving the window open all day is a problem, you could see if there are vents in the room that could be adjusted for more airflow.

Which household products are toxic to cats?

We can’t list them all, as that would be far too many products to list in one article, but what we will do is reaffirm some of those ingredients you need to be watching out for. Remember: always check the label and read instructions several times, carefully!

Using any cleaning products that contain chlorine, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde or glycol ethers are putting your cats at risk of kidney damage, liver problems, anemia and even some cancers. It’s dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

For instance, chlorine is a toxic irritant that will damae your pet’s eyes, skin and other membranes, usually found in detergents, scrubs, disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes, toilet bowl cleaners, even a simple mildew remover.

Ammonia is notorious for irritating the mucus membranes specifically, and is typically an ingredient in window cleaners and oven rejuvenation products. It can be damaging long after you’ve finished scrubbing, so don’t take the risk.

Other products like laundry detergents in powder form, can be poisonous for cats, even in the tiniest amount when left behind after washing. Be aware of this, especially if they’re fond of kneading or chewing on their blankets or bedding!

There are thousands of cat-friendly cleaning products out there, and it’s entirely possible to get your house spick and span without using any of the above products. Honestly, you don’t need chemicals to get the job done!

We don’t just mean air freshener either – you need to make sure that everything you use to clean and maintain your home, whether thats toilet cleaner or your favorite scented candle, isn’t going to harm your cat. It’s just responsible pet ownership.

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